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Tomato Soup with Cream
(a tangy, tomato based soup with a dash of cream)
Sweet Corn Soup with Mushrooms
(mildly flavoured cream of corn with finely diced mushrooms)


Cheese Garlic Butter Toast
(crusty cheese, garlic butter on toast)
(soft, fluffy, fried lentil dumplings, soaked in curds and lightly seasoned with cumin, red chilli
powder and coriander)
Vegetable Cutlet
(a tasty blend of vegetables shaped into a cutlet, crumb fried to crisp perfection and served with chutneys)
Corn Patties
(deep fried corn and potato rounds, seasoned lightly with spices)
French Fries with Cream Cheese
(freshly cut potatoes, fried golden brown and lightly tossed with salt , served with a velvety cream cheese)
Open Spring Cheese Chilli Toast
(freshly grated cheese, spring onions and chillies baked to golden perfection on toast)
Cheese Corn Balls
(freshly grated cheese and American sweet corn, mildly seasoned and fried to golden crispness)


Onion & Capsicum Pizza
(an old fashioned pizza with a tomato sauce, a thick layer of cheese, onions and bell peppers,
baked crisp and hot)
Mexican Corn Pizza
(a pizza with a twist, an unusual topping of American sweet corn and beans)
This page showcases only a few of our dishes, for the full menu detail please click here to download.

Darshan soups are all made from the freshest produce.

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