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(crisp fried taco shells with baked beans, cabbage, spring onion and cheese with just a dash of spicy red pepper sauce)
Nachos with Cream Cheese
(golden fried corn nachos with a smooth cream cheese dip)

Hot Bakes

(served with 3 slices of garlic bread)

Vegetable Au Gratin
(diced vegetables baked in a classic béchamel sauce with cheese)
Baked Vegetable and Macaroni
(diced vegetables with macaroni tossed in red sauce, layered with white sauce and baked with cheese)


Sizzler Classic
(a tasty combination of a corn patty, veg cutlet, sautéed cottage cheese, assorted vegetables
and aromatic rice)
Sizzler Exotica
(a sizzling platter of tossed exotic vegetables and pasta)


(Make your own pasta dish with a choice of sauce)

Cheese Parsley Marinara Sauce
(a combination of our marinara and cheese parsley sauces)
Spinach Mushroom Lasagne
(lasagne pasta on a bed of spinach, alternating with baked beans and mushroom, finished with white
sauce and cheese)
This page showcases only a few of our dishes, for the full menu detail please click here to download.

Darshan juices are all mostly from fresh fruits only, making them a seasonal experience.

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